Goal Setting for Creating your Dream Life (but really)

Goal Setting for Creating your Dream Life (but really)

Just like your unique state of health, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to goals and goal setting. Small goals, big goals, daily goals, long-term goals, short-term goals, New Year goals, the list goes on and on…and on. I bet you have some goals that you don’t even realize are goals. Those things that you desire most, those big dreams you have for your future, that item you really want to buy…they are all goals. If you are not in a current state that allows you to have something that you want, it becomes a goal–whether it’s consciously or subconsciously.

And now I’m going to attempt to convince you just how important it is and beneficial it’ll be for you if these goals are made in a super-extra-very intentional way. Here we go.

I’ve got some reaaally big goals for my life.

Like, so big that it’s almost laughable but at the same time I am completely positive that I will reach these goals (crucial to me actually reaching them).

Some of my monetary goals include:

  • build my own home on 2+ acres of land in Boulder, CO (so we can have plenty of room for our sand volleyball courts of course)
  • open up a women-only gym
  • allow Nathan to retire at 40 (or at least be able to employ him myself at that point)
  • be able to travel the world freely
  • have the financial freedom to give substantially to those who need it the most

Some of my health goals include:

  • continue to decrease my body fat % (not sure what that number would be on the scale and tbh could not care less)
  • have my body functioning optimally
  • maintain a healthy relationship with food
  • be able to play volleyball for decades to come with no injuries

Some of my impact goals include:

  • transform the lives of over 1,000 women in my lifetime
  • redefine the idea of health in a society that has completely warped it
  • host retreats and safe spaces for women in need of community
  • create an empire of empowered and confident individuals who truly believe that they can do anything they put their minds to and to create lists of dreams and goals as lofty and intimidating as this one.

And for someone who barely launched this blog a few short months ago, these goals are definitely lofty. But instead of letting myself just daydream about the future and never actually move towards it, I take steps in the right direction every single day. And you can, too.

So, step 1: Write down your biggest goals and dreams.

Yes, the ones that you maybe already convinced yourself aren’t going to happen. Because writing them down is the first step to bringing them into existence. And sure, if owning a castle on a private island is really what you want, write it down. But…is that really what you want? Dig deep. What do you want in this one life you’ve been given? What impact do you want to make? What legacy do you want to leave? What way can you serve others that will in turn serve you? And, obviously you want to be around long enough and in a state well enough to enjoy all of it, so–where does your health fit into all of this?

Some of these goals might be long-term: I’m talking years down the road before you can actually hold the keys to that new house, or be speaking at the event with thousands of people, or be in a state of maintenance after losing 100+ lbs. Even more reason to start working towards them TODAY.

Some of them might be short-term: Within 3-6 months, you could be holding the keys to that new car, you could launch your online business that you’ve been procrastinating on for months, you could lose that extra 10-20 lbs that you’ve been holding onto for the past few years. But, again, you’ve gotta actually START.

So, that brings us to step 2: Figure out the ROUTINE goals.

This is the part that we don’t like to hear. It’s not instantly gratifying. It’s not as shiny and exciting as the big goals. It’s the equivalent of building a tower made up of 10,000 bricks but only being able to stack one per day, and some days you’ll end up knocking down five. But guess what? The tower is getting built, the finished project is coming together, the progress is FORWARD. And the work you put in day after day to reach that goal is forming and changing you in the process. You don’t lose 50 lbs all at once after you’ve been putting in the work for an entire year. You lose it gradually AS you put in the work. Those bricks are heavy; your body changes as you stack them. Your mindset is being molded constantly.

You WILL see the benefits of your actions present themselves as you continue to make the effort. So, is it instantly gratifying? Maybe not like you want. But will you see your hard work pay off consistently? Yes! THAT is the journey you will embark on. It’s routine, it’s action, it’s baby steps, it’s the daily grind, it’s results

So what might that look like? Actually starting?

Well maybe in week 1 you decide to drink a gallon of water every single day. And then in week 2, you remove the junk food from your house. In week 3, you start packing your lunch for work and meal prepping your dinners. Week 4 comes along, and you decide to commit to 3 workouts per week. By week 5, you’re going to bed earlier to make sure you’re getting enough sleep for your morning workout. And by week 6, you’re limiting your soda and alcohol intake. Week 7 has you up to 4 workouts and you’re also biking to work. By week 8, you have combined all of these small actions and they begin to feel more like a habit and less like work.

That is 2 months. 2 months to transform your life. Maybe you won’t hit your big goal in 2 months but you are WELL on your way. You’ve built a routine, and that. is. everything.

SO to sum up:

Step 1) Bring your biggest goals to life–write them down and don’t stop daydreaming about them–you WILL achieve them.

Step 2) Take action one small, baby goal at a time. Don’t try to transform into a new person overnight (this never works), but instead give yourself one tiny, achievable, specific action that you can start to implement NOW. Once you’ve got a handle on that, give yourself another one. Watch your biggest goals and dreams literally come to life one day, one decision, one brick at a time.

Helping you to achieve these goals IS my goal! And you better believe I’m going to make that happen. 

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