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How Diet Mentality Is Ruining Your Progress

How Diet Mentality Is Ruining Your Progress

Eating is a biological instinct that we are born with. Babies cry when their bodies are in need of sustenance and they stop eating when they’ve had enough. It’s a system and it works, and their bodies are able to function and grow just as […]

Goal Setting for Creating your Dream Life (but really)

Goal Setting for Creating your Dream Life (but really)

Just like your unique state of health, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to goals and goal setting. Small goals, big goals, daily goals, long-term goals, short-term goals, New Year goals, the list goes on and on…and on. I bet you have some goals that you […]

What Transformation Means To Me

What Transformation Means To Me

According to Merriam-Webster, transformation means “to change the outward form or appearance or to change in character or condition”.

A lot of people might think that transformations are small–things like cutting or dyeing your hair, updating your wardrobe, or whitening your teeth. But I don’t think transformations are small at all.

When I think of transformation, I think BIG.

I think life-changing. Not just your outward appearance (which, don’t get me wrong, can definitely be a part of it), but the status of your health as well. I think of completely altering your perspective on your life, of becoming a more positive and happy person, of finally taking the steps to living a life that you once only dreamed about.

You’re either at one of two places in your life: currently undergoing transformation OR constantly longing transformation.

The latter is true for most of us, and it’s a sad truth . Has anyone ever told you that you have potential? Do you realize your own potential? Once you have, you will always be living in regret, UNLESS you move forward and decide to transform your life.  And it might sound big and scary and unachievable, but the truth is that transformation occurs one day at a time, one moment at a time, one small decision at a time. Apple over fries. Exercise over couch. Kind words over negativity. Maybe it’s your physical body that needs transformation, maybe it’s your health, maybe it’s your mindset towards life or yourself, or maybe it’s all of those things combined.

To me, transformation is NEW.

It’s moving toward something you haven’t experienced yet, but that you CRAVE. It’s outside of your comfort zone, it’s trying new things, forming new habits, creating a new you in the best way possible. It’s exciting! It’s taking all of your deep-rooted desires, your inner affinity for greatness, and everything else that’s good about you and intensifying it. Yes, that seems shiny and beautiful and awesome and so why isn’t everyone transforming their lives?!

1) It’s not meant for everyone. 2) It’s not always easy.

Millions of people live their entire life in their comfort zone. But I have a feeling that you’re here reading this because you have a vision greater than that. Part of what makes transformation so transformational (um, yes I did just say that) is because not everyone is going to do it. It’s not reserved for certain people, but only certain people will achieve it. Make sense? And no, I don’t think those people need superpowers like insane willpower and the ability to operate on 5 hours of sleep. They just need a spark, a desire, a want for something BETTER. And will it be difficult? Probably. You’ve been living your entire life in your current state and you will find resistance as you try and change that state. But once this fire has been lit inside of you, it’s even more difficult to just go through the motions day after day.

A transformation of this size isn’t solely for those who need to lose 100+ lbs.

It might be for someone who wants to lose 10 lbs, or 5 lbs, or even no weight at all–maybe you just want to take back control of their health and FEEL GOOD. Your {pending} transformation is so uniquely you, and it deserves a chance to come to life.

As for me? I’m in the middle of my transformation.

I’ve been in it for over a year now, and I’m going to be in it for a while. It’s not just physical–it’s emotional, it’s mental, it’s spiritual–it’s every aspect of ME improving every single day. Even if that means falling and getting back up over and over and over again. If you decide to take this journey, prepare for a lot of that. But if you don’t stop trying, you CANNOT fail. And that’s the most reassuring aspect of all.

The best part? All I did was wake up one day and decide to start.

Sounds amazing but you have no idea where to begin? Ask for help. Don’t go another day living in the limbo of the life you’re in now and the life you want.

What does your transformation look like? CREATE it.

The 3 Real Secrets to Weight Loss (That Don’t Involve Diet or Exercise)

The 3 Real Secrets to Weight Loss (That Don’t Involve Diet or Exercise)

Why are 2 out of 3 Americans overweight? Why are we discovering more and more about the human body, yet, as a nation, are negatively impacting our health more than ever before? Why do people spend months and years (maybe their entire lives!) trying to […]

How I Stopped Eating Cheat Meals And Why You Should Too

How I Stopped Eating Cheat Meals And Why You Should Too

I used to eat cheat meals ALL of the time. I used to restrict myself all week from my favorite things knowing that I could eat them to my heart’s content over the weekend. Then I stopped. Cold turkey. And I haven’t had a single […]

How To Stay “On Track” While On Vacation

How To Stay “On Track” While On Vacation

There has probably been a thousand articles and blog posts written on this very topic but I have a feeling you landed here because none of them have really stuck thus far. There are tons of tips, tricks, and hacks floating around for exactly how to make sure you don’t sabotage all of your hard work with a reckless weekend or free-for-all vacation but the problem is that all of those secrets are a little too generalized to likely fit into YOUR life. The specific actions listed below are things that you are going to have to make work for you and mostly have to do with mindset–BUT if you keep an open mind and actually implement some small changes, they WILL work.

1. PLAN.

Do you have a planner? Online calendar? If not, invest in one. Because “planning” in your head is so very 20th century and will not do you any good in bringing about the results you want. Health is your life–just like doctor appointments, dinner dates, work meetings, anything/everything that you have to show up for. Plan your workouts, schedule your grocery shopping, make sure you have time for food prep, and yes–pencil in that self-care too (I’m talking a pedi, massage, bubble bath, or even just some guilt-free netflix binging). Ok, that being said, it is even MORE important to plan your health out-of-routine. If you’re going on a trip, be real with yourself: will you really have time to work out? Chances are, you aren’t going to want to hit the gym after a long day of sightseeing, so DON’T even pencil it in. Maybe you can do a quick workout in the morning, but again, if you stayed out late the night before, are you really gonna wanna wake up that much earlier? It is always better to make an unplanned workout than to miss a planned workout (mindset, people!). You will not undo all of your progress with a few days off from the gym. That being said, if you can make it work–do it! You’ll just feel like that much more of a badass. Also, if you know you’ll be eating out for every single meal, instead of just thinking “Oh, I’m gonna wing it and make mostly healthy choices”, PLAN! If you plan for an extra indulgent meal on a couple of specific nights or mornings, then you automatically commit to staying on track for the other meals.

2. Practice Emotionally-detached Awareness

This one takes time, experience, and practice, but why not start now? Whatever your goal may be–weight loss, muscle gain, or maybe just toning up a bit–realize the science that must go into this process. On a very basic level: calories/energy in vs. calories/energy out is what determines weight loss and gain. Yes, there are other factors, but this is the bottom line. If you are in a caloric deficit, you will lose weight. If you are in a caloric surplus, you will gain weight. Sometimes, losing weight on vacation is just not worth it. Simply avoiding GAINING weight is a win in my book. So when you are on vacation, don’t get down on yourself for choosing foods you wouldn’t regularly eat–remove yourself from the situation and realize that at a very basic level–food is just calories. Remove the shame, guilt, and emotion from the food itself. Yeah, ice cream for dinner isn’t really what you want to choose on a regular basis but when I’m on vacay and that’s what I want, I’m going to enjoy it! Work to remove shame, guilt, and emotion from food.

3. Pass Up On The Snacks

Chances are your meals are going to be more calorie dense than they will be at home. Pass up on the airport snacks, don’t buy them for your hotel room, and give yourself the opportunity to really feel hungry and look forward to your next meal. In fact, sometimes 2 bigger meals a day can actually help you stay on track. When I went on a cruise with my family a few weeks ago, there was so much food available that by the time dinner rolled around I wasn’t even hungry–I would also wake up feeling full. It was actually a pretty uncomfortable feeling and instead of eating because it’s a designated eating time, give yourself the opportunity to feel hungry so that you can actually enjoy your food (not to mention save some moolah). 

4. Water

Sooo much water. Chances are you will be consuming more sodium which means you need more water than you would even regularly drink but somehow on vacation it is 10x harder to drink ANY water. I know. Simply, do your best. Consciously work to think about it throughout your day. Bring a water bottle with you, refill it as much as possible, and chug chug chug as soon as you wake up and before you go to bed. Also, even if you order a drink when you’re out, ask for a glass of water too!

5. Realize That Good Food Is ALWAYS Going To Be There

I’m a believer in work hard/play hard but purposely eating donuts in excess because you know that’s not a food you’ll eat on a regular basis outside of vacation is NOT the way to go about it. Ice cream, pizza, cookies, pasta–those are things that you can probably get within a 5 mile radius of where you live, and you should be treating yourself to these things occasionally if they are things you really love. REALIZE this and resist the black and white thinking and know that it’s fine to eat in moderation even on vacation.


I don’t know about you, but I workout and eat foods that nourish my body so that I can LIVE, and this includes vacationing. If you spend your entire vacation obsessing over calories, worrying about your next workout (or rather, lack of workout), and not truly embracing living in the moment–what’s the point of any of this? Health is more than having visible abs and the size of your pants. Health is living this life of yours to the fullest with the people you love.

Comment below if you agree and let me know which tip you resonate with the most or that you can actually picture putting into action!

My Story Part I

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