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I am a born and raised New Mexico gal now living one state north with my smarter half. Most days you can find me on a beach (…volleyball court that is), cuddled up with my crazy pups, or listening to a podcast. I am lucky enough to be married to my best friend and pursuing my passion every single day. I earned my degree in Exercise Science and finally traded in studying for coaching, training, and cheering on others in their unique health journeys.

I think it is important to live a life that is based on balance–meaning it’s ok for Netflix binges with takeout on the couch in sweatpants to follow a day full of fresh air, green smoothies, and 10,000+ steps. I live for keeping it real in a world full of social media highlights and I workout to live (and eat lots of froyo), not the other way around–which is why you’ll rarely find me taking a gym selfie. I’ll also be the first to admit that #healthishard and there is no such thing as too much support. I love making new friends but am not the best at it, so please introduce yourself! I would love to meet you!

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  • Hello,
    Just wondering if you have a plan for someone with physical problems. I have leg difficulties such as standing/walking for long periods.

    • Hi Carol–I’ve worked with people with a variety of different physical limitations. I would love to chat more! Sending you an email now!

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